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FAO wants biofuel support examined and outlines world biofuel capacity

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation wants subsisidies, tariffs and tax-breaks for biofuels production examined and possibly reduced in a press release which marks the publication of its annual report The State of Food. That report makes a compelling case for the use of cellulosic routes to biofuels, and by implication for much greater […]

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Holiday time for me

I’m off on annual leave on 1 August returning to the office on 18 August. I’ll be travelling irritatingly slowly up the UK motorway system in an attempt not to have to refill the car any more than I can manage. At £1.18 litre ($8.93/us gal) even with 40 UK miles per gal on a […]

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A salutory lesson in fuel efficiency

I’ve just been given a salutory lesson in fuel efficiency on my way back from a week’s holiday. I took the holiday after filming for a week in the US for my employer ICIS around the NPRA’s recent convention in San Antonio, Texas. You can see the output at ICIS TV. Granted that I got […]

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