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Corn stover research gets started

Just how much corn stover can you remove from fields without destroying the soil structure or significantly reducing the amount of organic material in the soil? With luck this collaboration by Monsanto, John Deere and ADM will answer that question and develop a series of rules that could help to make cellulosic biofuels sustainable in […]

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Biochar conference

There’s an international biochar conference coming up between 8-10 September 2008, its in Newcastle, UK. I might go along. I’m interested in what the effect of removing cellulose could have on soil structure should cellulosic biofuels take off. This conference aims to discuss the effects of adding a carbon char to the soil, which seems […]

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If you’re worried about losing soil, perhaps you should read this

If you’re worried about losing soil perhaps you should read this book from Earth Policy News. EPN says the book looks through the ages at the effects of over farming land through a lack of irrigation, over grazing and growing crops in marginal areas… a subject that could become more important as greater volumes of […]

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