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Nexant Chem Systems looks at algae for biofuels

Nexant ChemSystems, a petrochemical consulting firm, is setting up a multi-client study into algae for biofuels. It will be thorough.

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Is the price of corn too low?

Is the price of corn too low? Is the rising price of corn feeding through to inflation in the price of food. The answer may not be as clear cut as first appears, sure the price of corn has increased greatly, from a lowish base over the past couple of years, but some research done […]

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Oh Jatropha

There’s a lot of talk about Jatropha as being a suitable plant to produce biofuels in the future, mostly because it can grow on bad soil in pretty dry conditions and the nut is not edible. But there’s a note of warning from a recent Dutch Study Claims and Facts on Jatropha curcas. In one […]

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