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How to grow more corn: Plant it closer together

You might have noticed that there are a couple of conversations chuntering on in earlier posts. Mostly these deal with the ability to plant enough corn to sustain the US ethanol business and keep people fed at a reasonable price. Here’s breakthrough that is stunning in its simplicity from Iowa Farmer Today: plant the corn […]

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Biofuels are bad for the planet (again)

Trans National Insitute (which calls itself a world wide fellowship of committed scholar-activists (they’d hardly be uncommited)) has published Paving the way for agrofuels: an unsustainable path It starts by stating: In the face of the climate change threat and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, agrofuels are being heavily promoted as a means to […]

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Biofuels: Paradox 1

After reading a post on GristmilI it strikes me that people who are pro-biofuels have a couple of paradoxes to overcome. Firstly, I am not sure about their long term sustainability, there is a need for fossil fuels to make fertilisers to maintain yields from year to year. It may be possible to rotate crops […]

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