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Could Moringa be the new Jatropha?

It is not that I’m bored by Jatropha yet, in the same way that I’m bored by some of the feverishness about corn ethanol, but there is another protential tropical biofuel from a tree called Moringa. Wikipedia sugests the trees could produce 112-185 gal/acre/year. The oil contains 65-75% oleic acids. Thanks for the tip David!

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Syngenta unveils tropical sugar beet in India

Syngenta has unveiled a new tropical sugar beet that produces around as much sugar as cane, the company says. The crop matures in five months and uses less water than cane. This could be useful for ethanol production in the tropics.

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Need a research grant?

If you need a research grant and you are a bona fide researcher, the South Asian Eastern Regional Centre for Tropical Biology would be interested in hearing from you. Submission details are available by following the link. Submissions must be in by 19 January. Hattip to Info Lomba.

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