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Verenium: BP responds

I’ve just had this email from the press office at BP about its joint venture with Verenium which was mentioned in an earlier post today. We remain focused on commercializing the technology that we are developing jointly with Verenium and continue to progress development activities with the commercial JV that we announced in February in order to […]

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More on BP Vereneum

Last night the press office at BP emailed me with more details on the agreement with Verenium. I like the way they talk about “energy cane” and “energy grasses” presumably energy cane is the stuff left behind after sugar processing, or in the fields. I’m not so clear about energy grasses will that be switchgrass?Here’s […]

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Cargill and Ashland in biofuel chemicals jv

Cargill and Ashland will announce later today at the Bio conference in Boston that they plan to form a 50:50 joint venture to produce chemicals from biofuels waste. In a joint press statement (which is not yet on either firm’s website) they say: The venture’s first product will be propylene glycol (PG). Using both licensed […]

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