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A salutory lesson in fuel efficiency

I’ve just been given a salutory lesson in fuel efficiency on my way back from a week’s holiday. I took the holiday after filming for a week in the US for my employer ICIS around the NPRA’s recent convention in San Antonio, Texas. You can see the output at ICIS TV. Granted that I got […]

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Suporting growth in Welsh biofuels

UK support for biofuels currently includes a fuel duty incentive guaranteed at 20p per litre for next three years alongside the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO). This means combined support for use of biofuels is guaranteed at 35p per litre in 2008-09 That information comes from an unnamed UK treasury (finance ministry) source in a […]

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Clean as you go and there’s more potential biofuel

Clean as you go and there’s more potential biofuel, three inventors from North Wales have developed a box that can capture the exhaust gases of cars so they can be used to grow algae. There are a number of technical difficulties that need to be overcome. Firstly, how do they stop the exhaust gases choking […]

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