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Sand willows slow Gobi Desert’s spread in Mongolia

Sand willows are slowing the Gobi Desert’s spread in Mongolia, according to Greening The Desert blog. The trees will be used to generate electricity at power plants in the region According to Greening the Desert In early 2007, the first desert biomass thermal power plant was constructed near to an existing methanol chemical plant, two […]

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China to grow forests for biofuels

China plans to grow a staggering 13.33 million hectares of forests by 2020 for biofuels, according to a report in English on Hungarian website BBJ , quoting a Chinese official. (If there’s not room for Chinese whispers there, then I don’t know when there will be). Just for the record, the land area of Alabama […]

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Lets talk trees

Lets talk trees for a bit. There is a growing realisation that diverting corn or other food sources into fuel is likely to have severe impacts on the world’s ability to feed itself, or at least that the price of food is likely to rise dramatically.  What does that leave, as renewable alternatives? Wood, grass, biomass […]

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