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More on water and biofuels production

There’s more on water and biofuels producion, strictly ethanol on watercrunch. It concentrates on the amount of water used to process the grain once it has grown, rather than on the amount of water needed to grow it in the first place but the numbers are worth looking at.

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Water and biofuels

The threat to world water supplies posed by biofuels has come to the surface following a water conference in Copenhagen earlier this week. It is worth reading Adam Cox’s feature on Planet Ark for an interesting analysis of some of the issues raised. In addition to Prince Willem-Alexander’s comments, Cox says This can mean using […]

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Willem-Alexander warns on water

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander (of the Netherlands) has warned, during the World Water Week in Stockholm, about using large quantities of water to produce biofuels, because there may be too little water left over to cultivate crops for the growing world population, according to SenterNovem. You can see a report on the meeting from AP here. […]

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