Sustaining Growth as the West Arrives at the Demographic Cliff

Are you worried about the economic outlook for your company, for your family and for your country? Do you suspect that current policies may be doing more harm than good? Are you interested in exploring a new analysis that focuses on the importance of people, rather than the results of computer modelling?

Over the past 2 years, the blog has found an increasing number of people are saying ‘yes’ to all three questions above. With co-author John Richardson, it has had the privilege of speaking to thousands of people around the world about the ideas in its new eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’. Without exception, they have been enthusiastic and supportive.

In the age of Twitter and news sound-bites, there is enormous pressure to condense key ideas into simple messages. But sometimes there is a need to explore new concepts in more depth, and to have time to reflect on them in a quiet moment.

Today, the blog is pleased to post a 30 minute video of its keynote presentation last week on the subject of ‘Sustaining Growth as the West Arrives at the Demographic Cliff’. This was professionally produced by Metal-Pages, and webcast live during their conference. It explores:

• Why economic growth will be much slower for the next 20 years
• Why interest rates will also continue to remain low in the major economies
• Why policymakers are addressing the wrong issue when they worry about deflation
• Why China cannot possibly replace the demand being lost in the West

I hope you find it valuable and thought-provoking. Please click here to view it on YouTube.

About Paul Hodges

Paul Hodges is Chairman of International eChem, trusted commercial advisers to the global chemical industry. He also serves as a Global Expert for the World Economic Forum. The aim of this blog is to share ideas about the influences that may shape the chemical industry and the global economy over the next 12 – 18 months. It looks behind today’s headlines, to understand what may happen next in critical areas such as oil prices, China and Emerging Markets, currencies, autos, housing, economic growth and the environment. Please do join me and share your thoughts. Between us, we will hopefully develop useful insights into the key factors that will drive the industry's future performance.

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