DSM moves to Tatarstan!

We don’t hear much about chemical-industry developments in the autonomous Russian Republic of Tatarstan.

So I was surprised to read that Netherlands based DSM Nutritional Products has signed a letter of intent with Tanergo JSC and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan for the construction of a micronutrient premix plant for animal nutrition and the establishment of a Joint Venture.

(sensitive: click name of some city, industry branch or pipe-line for detailed information …)

Branches of industry
machine building
heat power
hydro-electrical power
oil production
building materials
food industry
forestry & wood
light industry
other sectors

Branches of agriculture
cereals, sugar beet
cereals, potatoes
cereals, sugar beet, potatoes
cereals, potatoes, vegetables
meat-milk cattle breeding
milk-meat cattle breeding
sheep breeding
poultry farming

oil pipelines railways gaz pipelines ethylene pipelines electricity lines

Image credit http://www.kcn.ru/tat_en/economics/eco_map/eco-map.html


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