Enhancing its green credentials, a nest of white-tailed eagles containing a brood of three nestlings has been recently discovered near Polish chemical group ZA Puławy’s discharge canals.

According to the company: “It is probably the third nest of that extremely rare bird to be found in the vicinity of the Company’s industrial facilities. The first one appeared in the late 1990s, in the area near lake Piskory (just a few kilometres away from the enclosure of the Company’s industrial site).

The discharge canal and the so-called flood plain near the village of Wólka Gołębska is an important bird watching location. As many as seven or even eight specimens of the white-tailed eagle have reportedly bee sighted by those water reservoirs. As the canal water is a little warmer, it has provided a wintering habitat for numerous bird and fish species for many years now. Here the white-tailed eagle, which feeds on large (weighing up to several kilograms) fish, can hunt carp and other fish, but also aquatic birds (such as mallard, coot or common moorhen).”bielik5.JPG 

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