DuPont cooperates in Hungary

TEFLON1.gifHungarian paint company Poli-Farbe and US-headquartered chemicals giant DuPont will put a jointly developed family of paint products on the market in the framework of a licensing contract, according to the Budapest Business Journal.

The products contain Teflon, making the surfaces they cover resistant to dirt and easy to clean, said Poli-Farbe managing director Antal Szabó. The products are expected to be sold in Hungary and Slovakia, he added. DuPont has signed about 25 similar contracts, said Joice de Voe, international director for licensing for DuPont Titanium Technologies.

Hungarian-owned Poli-Farbe is the third-biggest paint company in Hungary in terms of turnover. Last year, its revenue climbed 10% to HUF 6.2bn (E23m). Exports generated 11% of revenue. Poli-Farbe employs about 200 people.

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