Turkey to implement Reach-style chemicals regulation

Turkey is implementing a new Chemicals Management Regulation which it hopes might be a bridge to the adoption of Europe’s Reach regulation. Planned for 2013, the initial aim is an inventory improving market visibility.

ICIS has just published a global map of chemicals regulation, with a comparison to Reach. The data was supplied by Europe’s chemical trade group, Cefic. It also covers Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Taiwan, China, and the US.

Often referred to as the by-law, Turkey’s regulation updates the 1983 Environmental Law and the 2003 Law on Establishment and Duties of Ministry of Environment and Forestry. It was enforced in December 2008. The by-law was amended in November 2009.

The Inventory targets certain ­substances imported or manufactured in Turkey. There is a list of exempt substances. For in-scope substances first manufactured or imported after December 26, 2008, reporting is required within the two months after the start date.

The inventory phase is in line with a data reporting project, which covers substances in two volume bands (1-1,000 tonnes/year and more than 1,000 tonnes/year).

Comparison with Reach: Coverage of all substances at 1 tonne is similar to Reach, but the focus is on submission of data in the nominator’s possession. Industry is responsible for providing and filling in the data, similar to Reach, but the authority keeps control. There is no data sharing, but group submission is allowed. The entire process is purely substance-driven.

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