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Privatization of Ciech to restart – third time lucky

Observers of the Polish government’s efforts to sell off parts of its chemical sector may raise their eyebrows at the news of its relaunch of the privatisations of Ciech, the country’s largest chemical group, and fertilizer producer Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy (ZAP) in the second half of this year. Previous attempts have failed twice thanks to […]

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Solvay merger with Rhodia to create global leader in polymers and consumer products

Today’s announcement that Solvay has bid for Rhodia – if successful – will put it into a strong global position in high performance specialty polymers, soda ash and hydrogen peroxide, specialty materials (silica, rare earths), products for consumer markets (surfactants, natural polymers, acetate tow) and engineering plastics based on polyamide 6.6. Solvay has been sitting […]

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Poland prime minister sees bright future in shale gas

Imagine if central and eastern Europe had ample supplies of cheap natural gas, gushing from the ground, and lowering ethane feedstock prices across the chemical sector in the region. Such a pipe dream would surely transform the fortunes of the chemical sector in CEE and further afield, in the same way North America is enjoying […]

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