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EU hesitates over shale gas exploration

By Jade Tinslay  As Poland prepares to fully exploit its shale gas reserves, the rest of the EU watches with interest following a spate of controversy in which campaigners across Europe called for a moratorium. The resolute message was that, until further research into the environmental and economic impacts of the technology had been conducted, […]

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Poland calls on US expertise for shale gas

Imagine how Central and Eastern Europe’s chemical industry could be transformed if Poland managed to access the massive shale gas reserves which have been discovered in the country.  The region’s chemical sector currently relies for feedstocks mainly on expensive, imported oil and Russian natural gas. Shale gas could give CEE the same, structural advantage currently […]

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Europe’s chemical sector benefit from more of Gazprom’s Russian gas

The news that Russia’s Gazprom is expanding storage terminals across Europe in anticipation of increased supplies could be good news for Europe’s chemical industry, which relies heavily on natural gas for power generation.  Gazprom is almost doubling its underground storage capacities for gas by 2015 to nearly 4.9 billion cubic meters (bcm) and by next […]

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Poland chemicals privatization to restart in September

The privatization of Poland’s chemical industry may lurch into action again later this year, according to the country’s treasury ministry which gives September for the kick-off.   Since 2007, Poland has twice abandoned efforts at completing the sell-off of substantial state-held assets in its chemical industry, citing unsatisfactory bids. According to ICIS news, efforts at […]

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