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EU hesitates over shale gas exploration

By Jade Tinslay  As Poland prepares to fully exploit its shale gas reserves, the rest of the EU watches with interest following a spate of controversy in which campaigners across Europe called for a moratorium. The resolute message was that, until further research into the environmental and economic impacts of the technology had been conducted, […]

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Europe’s chemical sector benefit from more of Gazprom’s Russian gas

The news that Russia’s Gazprom is expanding storage terminals across Europe in anticipation of increased supplies could be good news for Europe’s chemical industry, which relies heavily on natural gas for power generation.  Gazprom is almost doubling its underground storage capacities for gas by 2015 to nearly 4.9 billion cubic meters (bcm) and by next […]

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Nabucco withdraws plan for link to Iran

The Nabucco natural gas pipeline project will will no longer link to Iran, the consortium for the multi-billion Euro European/Asian network said this week.   In a statement it said:  ”The shareholders agreed on a modification of the feeder line concept. Two feeder lines were confirmed and the respective engineering works were ordered but due to […]

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Time for a new US cracker as ethane advantage grows?

US ethane-based petrochemical producers such as Dow Chemical, LyondellBaselland Westlake Chemical will enjoy a long term feedstock advantage over Asian and West European naphtha exposed manufacturers such as BASF, Hanwha and Honam Petrochemical, according to US-headquartered analysts Alembic. New methods of extracting shale gas mean that the US should have enough natural gas to supply […]

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What is this blog for?

Why this blog?In my early days as a news reporter, central and eastern Europe plus Russia was part of my beat. I still have a keen interest in this region so it makes sense to have a way of gathering news together and commenting on it.In the early 2000′s when I started looking at this […]

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