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Reach deadline passes uneventfully – the new Millennium bug?

Today – December 1 – marks the start of a new era in European chemical manufacture. From now any companies which have failed to register substances bought or imported over 1,000 tonnes/year with the European Chemicals Agency will be operating illegally in the European Union. In the build-up to this deadline there had been many, […]

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ECHA and Cefic interviews should reveal Reach sentiment

Ahead of the impending 30 November deadline for Europe’s Reach regulation I have lined up interviews with the European Chemicals Agency’s executive director, Geert Dancet, plus industry trade body Cefic’s Reach expert Erwin Annys.  Europe’s chemical industry has been rushing towards this deadline because failure to comply will mean producers or exporters are doing business […]

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Upbeat CIA dinner but costs of Reach revealed

The annual Chemical Industries Association (CIA) dinner took place in London last night with a much more optimistic atmosphere than for the last couple of years. Many of us trade journalists were guest either of the CIA or chemical producers themselves. With the 30 November deadline approaching, Europe’s chemical legislation Reach was a hot topic. […]

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Turkey to implement Reach-style chemicals regulation

Turkey is implementing a new Chemicals Management Regulation which it hopes might be a bridge to the adoption of Europe’s Reach regulation. Planned for 2013, the initial aim is an inventory improving market visibility.ICIS has just published a global map of chemicals regulation, with a comparison to Reach. The data was supplied by Europe’s chemical […]

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ECHA distances itself from Reach consulting companies

The European Chemicals Agency has today issued a statement saying it does not endorse any of the multitude of consultancy firms which have sprung up to help industry’s headaches as they try to implement Europe’s chemical regulation Reach.I’ve been to conferences where there are swarms of “consultants” with varying degrees of expertise milling around in […]

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Czech chemicals report highlights Reach issue

A report just out on the state of Czech Republic’s chemical sector highlights the likely fallout from the president’s decision last August not to comply with the EU chemical regulation Reach. Companies such as Unipetrol face a conundrum. Whilst they do not need to comply with Reach domestically, any exports will need to comply with […]

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