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EU hesitates over shale gas exploration

By Jade Tinslay  As Poland prepares to fully exploit its shale gas reserves, the rest of the EU watches with interest following a spate of controversy in which campaigners across Europe called for a moratorium. The resolute message was that, until further research into the environmental and economic impacts of the technology had been conducted, […]

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Poland calls on US expertise for shale gas

Imagine how Central and Eastern Europe’s chemical industry could be transformed if Poland managed to access the massive shale gas reserves which have been discovered in the country.  The region’s chemical sector currently relies for feedstocks mainly on expensive, imported oil and Russian natural gas. Shale gas could give CEE the same, structural advantage currently […]

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Poland prime minister sees bright future in shale gas

Imagine if central and eastern Europe had ample supplies of cheap natural gas, gushing from the ground, and lowering ethane feedstock prices across the chemical sector in the region. Such a pipe dream would surely transform the fortunes of the chemical sector in CEE and further afield, in the same way North America is enjoying […]

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Exploding domestic water supplies blamed on shale gas extraction

Shale gas is proving to be a massive bonus for the US chemical industry, heralding an era of cheap ethane feedstocks disconnected from global oil prices. There is exploration going on in Europe, but it is proving to be controversial amongst environmental campaigners.  A report on this morning’s UK Radio 4 Today programme highlighted the […]

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Could chemicals benefit from European shale gas?

Shale gas has helped push the price of US natural gas and ethane to historically low levels, increasing the competitiveness of the chemical industry there. Until now it has seemed that European chemical producers have developed a structural feedstock disadvantage as it relies mainly on naphtha which is tied to oil prices.  Now, according to […]

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