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Sometimes there is no one strategy

In today’s age of restructuring, companies are seeking cost savings and synergies left and right. A global and more competitive chemical industry dictates calls for a well-oiled organization that can compete on a cost and technical basis to serve demanding customer needs. However, simply mashing disparate businesses together into operating units does not generate any […]

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Chemical sites are under pressure

The timing of a special issue devoted to chemical sites and clusters (17 August 2009 issue) could not have come at a more opportune ­moment. Seldom has the concept been tested more ­severely than in the current economic environment.Many chemical companies, which announced temporary capacity reductions last year or in the early months of 2009, […]

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An M&A comeback in the works

It’s been a miserable year for chemical mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – the financial and economic crisis put the brakes on deal-making as financing dried up and earnings visibility disappeared. The big deals announced last year – Dow Chemical/Rohm and Haas, and BASF/Ciba – got done in 2009, but these deals represented the last throes […]

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Give facts a chance, listen to the public

By: Clay Boswell TheCalifornia EPA made a surprising announcement earlier this month: the Developmentaland Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee had declined to place BisphenolA on a list of chemicals known to cause birth defects.   And yet,laws banning BPA are being considered in 20 states.   Whataccounts for the California decision? What do professional toxicologists knowthat […]

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