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Innovation is key in times of crisis

THERE’S NO question that innovation is the key driving force for the chemical industry and its customers – and particularly in times of crisis. While there’s always the need to cut costs in a downturn, slashing research and development is truly detrimental to a company’s long-term future and success. “Innovation, especially in the midst of […]

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Better growth prospects ahead for construction chemicals producers

CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAL producers have been painfully aware of the impact the recession has had on this market since late 2008. Startling drops in orders of 30% or more hit earnings hard and pushed some into losses. Producers have been seeking signs of improvement and, although the picture is mixed, there seem to be some signs […]

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Energy makes the world go ’round

Sure - love makes the world go ’round as they say, but really it’s energy. And with an increasing population as well as industrialization, the world undoubtedly needs more of it. Clearly there is no one answer to the billion-dollar energy question. Encouragingly, we are exploring a multitude of new methods to produce and transport energy […]

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