Just starting down the green road

green_cover.jpgLOOKING BACK on three years since our first Green issue back in February 2007, what a wild ride it’s been!

Back then, the concept of green and sustainability in chemicals was just starting to catch on in a big way. Companies were beginning to realize the commerical potential from green products – those made from renewable resources, as well as those that could help their customers save on costs, primarily energy.

Consumers and key chemical end markets such as automotive, construction and packaging were headed on the green road and are still firmly on the path today.

Doris de Guzman, our resident Green blogger, notes the proliferation and higher visibility of start-up companies since the start of the ICIS Green Chemicals Blog in November 2007.

Some of these new companies, such as Minnesota, US-based Segetis, are not just seeking to offer alternative petroleum-based chemicals, but developing novel chemical compounds from scratch – biomass scratch.

While the climate change policy debate rages on and lines on the battlefront are drawn, in the big picture, the green revolution has just begun. And energy efficiency will be a vital component.

Whether you’re a believer in climate change or not, reducing energy consumption and costs should be a goal that is universally accepted.

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