No need to panic over Reach chemicals legislation in 2010

COULD THE tangible sense of industry anxiety, bordering panic, about the impending November 30 Reach deadline be a little unnecessary?

This is the date by which Europe’s Reach legislation requires dossiers to be submitted for all substances manufactured or sold in quantities of 1,000 tonnes/year or more, in addition to Substances of Very High Concern.

Fail to register by that time and it will become illegal to manufacture or sell the substance. With that deadline fast approaching, there is now a rush to get the data needed together fast.

But in a forthcoming interview with ICIS, Geert Dancet, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA’s) executive director will point out that there are up to seven months of leeway. As long as the dossiers are submitted by November 30 and pass the basic “business case” test, ECHA then has up to three months to let you know if the main dossier is complete and acceptable. If it fails, applicants then have four months to submit a corrected document. This takes us to the end of June 2011.

Rules are also being developed to allow downstream users the right to appeal if a supplier fails to register. This will allow illegal suppliers to continue temporarily while a solution is found and should prevent the collapse of supply chains – welcome news for many in the industry.


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