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It’s time to deal and refinance!

With interest rates scraping the depths and businesses hoarding record amounts of cash on their balance sheets, the time is ripe to make acquisitions as well as refinance debt to push out maturities. While refinancing debt at low rates is a no-brainer, there are plenty of pitfalls in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) game. Already […]

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Easing into a recovery – crank up the printing press!

QE2 has arrived in the US! – not the famed cruise ship, but the second round of quantiative easing by the US Federal Reserve. The pace of economic recovery in the US has been painfully slow, and momentum is waning with persistent high unemployment, weak housing and construction markets and tight credit availability. And abroad, […]

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Dow’s stock price decline put into context

Dow Chemical’s second-quarter earnings miss triggered a 10% decline in its stock price – not because it missed badly (Q2 earnings per share of 54 cents only fell short by 2 cents) but because everyone else thrashed estimates so handily. On July 27, DuPont posted earnings per share (EPS) of $1.17, beating Wall Street estimates […]

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