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Say goodbye to the summer and the slowdown

The third quarter is shaping up to be a strong one for the global chemical industry. Fears of a summer slowdown following a robust Q2 are fading like the hot weather. Germany’s BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, announced on September 22 that Q3 profits will come in better than expected, bolstered by strength in […]

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The power of change

Transforming a business is no easy feat. First you have to recognize the necessity for change, and then comes the daunting execution, which can take years. And even after a major transformation, it can take time for people to fully appreciate the change and its implications. Take US-based specialty materials firm Solutia for instance. It […]

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Fuse on the “debt time bomb” extended

In the August 30 Commentary, we put out a call for chemical companies to refinance their debt now at favorable rates: “Today there is no excuse for a company not to push oput its debt maturities. Interest rates are at record lows, and financing is available – even to those companies without the most stellar […]

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European debt surfaces again – but the recovery continues

Like a bad penny, or pence, concerns about the health of European banks keep turning up, hitting stock markets worldwide and undermining what little confidence there is in the fragile global economic recovery. However, the issue is not likely to derail the slow upturn. On Tuesday, the focus was on Irish banks. The government, which has […]

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