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Chemicals must seize the year!

The International Year of Chemistry (IYC) US kickoff event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania featured an impressive panel – two major chemical company CEOs, the founder of a pharmaceutical firm and several distinguished members of academia and research institutions. The discussion on the world’s major challenges such as population growth and the growing need for food, water […]

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Just starting down the green road

LOOKING BACK on three years since our first Green issue back in February 2007, what a wild ride it’s been! Back then, the concept of green and sustainability in chemicals was just starting to catch on in a big way. Companies were beginning to realize the commerical potential from green products – those made from […]

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Innovation is key in times of crisis

THERE’S NO question that innovation is the key driving force for the chemical industry and its customers – and particularly in times of crisis. While there’s always the need to cut costs in a downturn, slashing research and development is truly detrimental to a company’s long-term future and success. “Innovation, especially in the midst of […]

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Energy makes the world go ’round

Sure - love makes the world go ’round as they say, but really it’s energy. And with an increasing population as well as industrialization, the world undoubtedly needs more of it. Clearly there is no one answer to the billion-dollar energy question. Encouragingly, we are exploring a multitude of new methods to produce and transport energy […]

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The art and science of innovation

“Making money is art and working is art, and good business is the best art,” once said the acclaimed pop artist Andy Warhol. And unveiled on October 14 at The Andy Warhol Muesum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, was a sculpture celebrating 100 years of synthetic rubber use since its invention in 1909 by Fritz Hofmann.Called […]

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Why we need smart thinking about PR

When the European Chemicals Agency unveiled its top picks of chemicals of high concern to be dealt with most urgently under the EU’s Reach chemical regulation, long-established flame retardants were included. Elsewhere, a plethora of bans and restrictions on substances such as these, plus other plastic additives, are coming into force. In the US, the […]

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All change in agchems

Strolling through a glasshouse at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, London, the other day; I noticed some strange paper packets hanging from the branches of the exotic trees growing there. Closer inspection revealed the name Syngenta. I’d discovered a biological control device full of organisms which would control pests. The fact that a world-class garden such […]

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