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Fuse on the “debt time bomb” extended

In the August 30 Commentary, we put out a call for chemical companies to refinance their debt now at favorable rates: “Today there is no excuse for a company not to push oput its debt maturities. Interest rates are at record lows, and financing is available – even to those companies without the most stellar […]

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An M&A comeback in the works

It’s been a miserable year for chemical mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – the financial and economic crisis put the brakes on deal-making as financing dried up and earnings visibility disappeared. The big deals announced last year – Dow Chemical/Rohm and Haas, and BASF/Ciba – got done in 2009, but these deals represented the last throes […]

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China-Brazil oil and chemicals pact a model for deals

CHINA’S $10bn deal with Brazil to lock up significant oil supplies from its energy firm and join in exploration, refining and petrochemical ventures, heralds a new age of cooperation between the two countries. Under a 10-year deal, China Development Bank is giving a $10bn credit line to Brazilian energy giant Petrobras in return for the […]

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