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Chemical earnings engine roars

As they say in US NASCAR racing – gentlemen, start your engines! After a blip down in world stock markets on Tuesday, October 19, sparked by China’s quarter-point hike of a key interest rate as well as continuing fears in the US about the consequences of an ongoing investigation into improper foreclosures, bourses were back in the […]

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The money spigots are on

As central banks around the world open the money spigots, prepare for a major reflation (or inflation) of asset prices. The impact is poised to hit commodities of all kinds – oil, fuel, metals and chemicals. Last week, the Bank of Japan announced it will pump $60bn into its economy by buying government bonds, corporate […]

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Easing into a recovery – crank up the printing press!

QE2 has arrived in the US! – not the famed cruise ship, but the second round of quantiative easing by the US Federal Reserve. The pace of economic recovery in the US has been painfully slow, and momentum is waning with persistent high unemployment, weak housing and construction markets and tight credit availability. And abroad, […]

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