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Mardi Gras for US petrochemicals

Interesting comments from Wells Fargo analyst Frank Mitsch attending the IHS Global Petrochemicals Conference in Houston, Texas, which had record attendance of around 1,200. “The mood is rather jovial, with every other sentence containing shale gas and cheap ethane,” said Mitsch. “The Middle East, long thought to be advantaged, is having to shift its slate […]

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Downstream partnerships can take advantage of US shale

Non-US chemical companies may feel like they’re on the outside, looking into the shale gas party. But there’s an opportunity for these firms to take advantage of cheap shale gas feedstocks – through downstream partnerships. There are already plans to build 7 new world-scale crackers in the US. That combined with expansions of existing facilities […]

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US ethylene and PE margins headed for a record in Q1

It’s going to be a bonanza in the first quarter for US ethylene and polyethylene producers using ethane/propane feedstock. Buoyed by abundant natural gas liquids (NGL) production from shale gas, margins are headed for record highs, even as spot ethylene prices come off a bit, noted Susquehanna International Group analyst Don Carson. “With increases in […]

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Latin America’s shale

The spotlight on petrochemical investment in the Americas has shone on the US shale gas boom and the resulting rash of planned new ethane crackers that could increase US ethylene capacity by about 32% by 2017-2018. But Latin America’s game-changer could be Brazil’s pre-salt oil and gas bounty, as well as shale gas formations in […]

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Finally – a US cracker!

In the first of what we believe will be a wave of new investment in North American petrochemical capacity, Chevron Phillips Chemical has unveiled the first plans for a worldscale grassroots ethylene cracker in the US to take advantage of abundant supplies of shale gas. Recognize this as a watershed event. This is the first […]

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Shale gas is the North American petrochemical industry’s “Ace in the Hole”

THE NORTH American petrochemical industry has endured through the worldwide economic storm as well as the onslaught of new capacity in the Middle East and Asia. But North America will compete at the global table if it plays its cards right. Its ace in the hole? – Shale gas. In the past few years, the […]

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