PolyOne’s Safe Ingredients Warranty

Plastic producer PolyOne immediately stepped up with its guaranteed-safe and regulatory-compliant products through its No Surprise Pledge following the latest recall of Chinese toys allegedly containing a coma-inducing chemical 1,4 butanediol when ingested.


At PolyOne, we are committed to helping you grow your business with safe and environmentally
sound solutions. This commitment is exemplified by our No Surprises PledgeSM which we make to all customers and markets, across the globe.
This pledge means:

• You can be confident that, in formulating and manufacturing our materials, we use
sustainable practices to provide long-term product viability and sound environmental
• You can expect that the materials we produce contain only ingredients that conform to
accepted legal and regulatory compliance guidelines.
• You can trust that PolyOne materials meet the rigorous quality and safety management
standards required across the globe.
• You can be certain that PolyOne meets or exceeds the material safety data reporting
requirements of your country or region.
• When you choose PolyOne, you can be confident our products will help you meet or
exceed today’s stringent compliance standards.

Will a pledge like this from chemical companies help keep toys and consumer products safe? Maybe. But do chemical companies really know and track where their products are being used? It is up to toy and other consumer products manufacturers to make sure the chemicals and ingredients they bought for are used properly. They should be the one making this type of pledge and assuring their customers, the consumers, that their products exceed stringent compliance standards.

For more information on the toy recall:
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