The carbon cost of Christmas

Not only will you worry about how fattening holiday dinners can be but now you have to worry about their carbon emission as well.

In this article from, researchers from the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science at Manchester University, UK, found that a typical British Christmas meal for eight (excluding eggnogs and other drinks) generates the equivalent of 20 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

The main culprit is the turkey, which occupied 60% of the total Christmas carbon footprint. Compared to the turkey trimmings and dessert, the turkey’s way of living (animal feed and all) is too costly from a carbon emission point of view.

Cranberry is the worst offender they said when it comes to transportation because it is imported all the way from the US.

For once, I’ll tell my green conscience (and diet conscience) to shut up and just enjoy these fattening, greenhouse gas emitting food during the holidays.


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