EPA says Merry Green Holidays!

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is giving out tips on how to lessen fuel consumption, CO2 emission and waste during the holidays.

Here are some examples:

1. Regifting is ok when it comes to wrapping. Use recycled wrapping paper or gift bags. When shopping for packaged goods, look for the ones with recycled packaging.

2. Send e-greeting cards to reduce paper waste. But if you like greeting cards (I LOVE GETTING THEM!), send recycled greeting cards instead.

3. Reduce the use of plastic grocery or shopping bags. Bring reusable bags or tell the lovely store clerks you don’t need the bag for small or oversized items.

4. Minimalism is a big trend so give gifts that don’t require much packaging such as certificates, tickets or MONEY!! (I’ll go with the green colored Franklin!!)

5. Buy more durable products when considering for gifts instead of cheaper less durable goods so to reduce waste. If they’re electronics, look for energy efficient ones.

Other tips include unplugging holiday lights during the day to save energy; use rechargeable batteries; donate old toys; use reusable party utensils and decorations, etc.

Seems easy enough to do and most of them saves you money too!

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