Shades of green on consumer electronics

Studies and analysis on green marketing and investments seem to be proliferating as much as the products themselves.

Here’s another one from Forrester Research rating consumers on their green awareness and concern for environment-friendly electronic products.

In their report, “In Search of Green Technology Consumers“, Forrester found out that out of 5,000 American adults surveyed, almost half really do not care about the environment and global warming in connection to the electronic products that they bought.


I guess typical electronics consumers, like my brother and assorted cousins and (gulp!) me, are really more focus on how cool our gadgets and games are and not about their lifecycle and their chemical compositions. But if manufacturers would emphasize on how they contribute to making our environment safe with their products, consumers might take more notice and be more concerned.

In the automobile market, Toyota’s hybrid Prius is an example of brilliant green marketing and how consumers became more aware of the importance of clean fuel alternatives.

The same can be applied to consumer electronics through recyclability, energy efficiency, longer product lifecycles and lower impact manufacturing, according to Forrester.

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