Green Christmas list…

I’ve decided to search the world (wide web) and list down the top 10, in no particular order, the most innovative or eye-ball rolling, snort-inducing green products that I could find. I’m the lone judge for now but any suggestions for next month’s segment will be greatly appreciated. I’ll also look for Simon Cowell’s doppelganger to help me judge.

1. Green underwear

Just in time for the holidays, GreenYarn of Boston, MA, now offers its antibacterial Eco-fabric Underwear made from the company’s Eco-fabric technology that features nano-sized bamboo charcoal particles embedded into the textiles (and are unwashable – the particles not the underwear). The particles help fight bacteria and deodorize and even help absorb and emit Far Infrared energy – a low energy form of light that help stimulate healthy metabolism and blood circulation, the company said.

In the US, they can be bought (for $20) only at Greenyarn’s website although they said that they’re in talks with retailers. Now about that infrared thing…

2. Solar bags

Another bright idea is solar powered bags so you can charge all your handheld electronics everywhere you go. Voltaic Systems offers mostly backpacks and messenger bags for charging electronics (excluding laptop) and the bag’s fabric is even made from recycled PET. They are priced from $179.99 to $219.99. In case of emergency (such as no sun), the bags also include AC travel charger and a car charger.

For the fashionistas, Noon is offering more stylish solar bags that use hemp and cotton fabrics or chrome-free leather, which comes with natural dyes. Charging gadgets are fine but most solar powered bags for laptops in the market are still iffy, according to several tech geeks web reviews. However, the sun is shining in the horizon for the first efficient solar-powered laptop bag in line.

3. Intel Eco-chip

Intel recently launched its new eco-friendly chip that uses 45 nanometer Hafnium-based Hi-K metal gate transistors. This eliminates the use of lead and halogen materials, said Intel. Processors that use the chip also increase performance as well as energy efficiency of the computer.

I don’t really understand much of the computer tech lingo in Intel’s press release but I’ll be happy to test out the energy efficiency and performance of any sample computer that they could send.

4. Fatbox

No, this is not another one of those new fangled solar powered instrument that sucks the fat out of your body. Biodiesel producer Pacific Natural Energy (PNE) is offering the Fatbox, a machine that can turn 15 pounds of animal fats into 1 gallon of high-quality biodiesel.

Now where I could get 15 lbs of animal fats in New York City I have no idea but if they can invent a machine that uses human fats into biodiesel…

5. ReCyclone

Do you need extra space in your desk? Too much junk in your apartment? Introducing ReCyclone, a miracle machine from PowerMaster that can recycle anything from electronics to household garbage to even agriculture waste with a touch of a button (or several of them). ReCyclone can even save you money by turning dirty plastics into diesel; and converting metal, wood and glass into some form of materials that can be used for electricity.

But wait there’s more!

By recycling your electronic devices into a powder form, ReCyclone can separate the gold, platinum and other metals used in your computer boards and chips. Imagine getting between 80 and 1,500 grams of gold out of 1 tonne of circuit boards!!. Order now while supplies last!

6. Eco-friendly laundry detergent

For those who hate lugging a big bottle of liquid laundry detergent to the laundry mat (that includes me), this super-duper concentrated liquid laundry detergent from dropps is being sold in a pre-measured dissolvable packs that you just toss in the washer along with your dirty clothes and just fuggedaboutit.

The ingredients of dropps laundry detergent contained in the packs are all active, are biodegradable, and NPE and phosphate-free, according to the company. dropps are currently sold in 20-load and trial packages in Fresh Scent and Dye & Fragrance-Free varieties.

7. Green cubicles

Got the office blues? HON Company can help revive your green holiday spirit with their new cubicles made from the best that nature can offer – Kenaf, a crop that can be found all over the world second only to cotton, according to the company. HON uses the material as a cubicle filler under the trademark Nature Core.

Cubicles made with Nature Core are said to be extremely durable, according to HON, and offers almost Bose-like sound blocking characteristics without differences in appearance as compared to traditional cubicles. Maybe I should wait for the upgraded version where it could also block my boss???

8. Green motor oil

Drivers rejoice! Green Earth Technologies’ (GET) new biodegradable motor oil, G-OIL, will surely get your green approval with its performance and price very much comparable to traditional petroleum-based products, according to GET.

G-OIL is made from tallow (animal fats) and is reportedly safe to use in any gasoline, diesel or hybrid engine. An estimated four gallons of foreign oil can be saved with each G-Oil five quart oil change, said GET.

9. Eco-friendly wine

‘Tis the season to get drunk and in an environment-friendly way. Why not bring a carton or two of wine – instead of bottles – to celebrate the holidays? Wine company Three Thieves is selling its California wines in an eco-friendly Tetra-Pak aseptic packaging for $8.99/liter, The new packaging, made of 70% paper, will help reduce manufacturing costs associated with bottled glass as well as transportation and energy costs because of its lower weight, according to Tetra-Pak

Best of all, shelf stability and quality of the wine are still intact, so no need to worry that you won’t be able to get drunk this time of the year!

10. Eco-friendly toilet

After imbibing yourself with the wine, Toshiba can get you through the wee hours of the morning with its new eco-friendly bidet-style toilet equipped with a newly developed instantaneous water heater. Not only has it antibacterial and deodorizing features, it also consumes 55% less energy compared to older water-heated toilet models.

I am not sure of the “eco-ness” of this toilet as mine doesn’t even remotely uses any energy unless it’s coming from me but it sure beats seating on a cold seat while your head is hanging upside down!

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  1. Doris de Guzman 6 December, 2007 at 4:07 pm #

    Hi Alan,
    A friend of mine is actually eager to order when he learned that it is an industrial machine. Dare we hope to see a consumer version next year?

    Thanks for the comment!

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