New greener chemicals that EPA loves

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given out its 2007 P2 Recognition Project award, which recognizes new chemicals and technology designed for pollution prevention to Clariant, BASF and Chisso America.

Clariant got a thumbs up for its Cartaspers PSM, a readily biodegradable chemical designed to keep stickies out in the board-and paper-making process.

Paper makers usually used cleaning solvents to clean out stickies – contaminants such as latex, adhesives, pitch and resins in recovered paper. With the chemical, Clariant says solvent usage was reduced by 90% in some cases, not only leading to big savings from using cleaning solvents but also less worker exposure to VOC (volatile organic compound), and more efficient paper machine operation.

BASF got the award for its Micronal PCM materials, which are wax-contained microscopic polymer capsules that provides high thermal storage capacity to building construction materials. The use of the materials results in the reduction of CO2 emissions from energy consumed to regulate building temperatures.

Chisso was awarded for its Epsilon polylysine produced from bacterial fermentation of sugar. The additive is being used as an alternative to alcohol-based electric shaving razor cleaning solution.

The EPA says it screens up to 2,500 new chemicals per year.

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