Eco-fashion in vogue

My colleague Barbara Ortner of Chemicals Confidential Blog wrote about a fashion show in Kuala Lumpur where designers used condoms as their textile of choice (the show is about fighting against AIDS). I, of course, looking at the environmental aspect of it, was curious if the condoms were recycled.

Consumers will probably not be that enthusiastic about recycled condom gowns but eco-friendly apparels are definitely hip and cool these days, according to this article from USA Today.

I’ve already mentioned eco underwear from my previous blog. Now there are also shoes featuring treads made from recycled car tires, designer clothing made from recycled materials, and of course, the growing popularity of organic cotton.

One best green tip I’ve learned so far from a television show is to refashion your prom gown or bridesmaid/maid-of-honor dresses into a more wearable cocktail/party frocks. The scraps you can sew into table napkins, ribbons for your hair or curtain, and if you really have a green sewing thumb, you can create your own recycled underwear.

If your sewing skill is limited to cutting threads (like mine), list your stuff on Ebay or just donate them. This way your waste is now somebody else’s problem!

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