Space Power and rectennas

Harnessing solar energy from space using satellites could be another alternative energy source here on earth, according to this article from Associated Press.

Giant satellites (orbiting 300 miles from earth) will use ultralight solar panels, transmitting enough power taken in by gi-normous rectifying antennas or “rectennas” installed here on earth to light up thousands (and soon billions if successful) of homes.

The first challenge is to develop ultralight solar panels. After that, creating the satellite, transporting it to space and maintaining it in space will be their next priorities. One project is already being planned for completion by 2012, the report said.


The solar energy beamed from the satellite will not fry someone’s brain unfortunate enough to cross its path, assured scientists involved in the project.

Now the only thing we need to worry is where to set up these rectennas, which I’m sure will generate lots of complaints if people will see it in their backyard.

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