BASF bares carbon soul

European chemical company BASF SE said it is the first company ever across the globe to present a comprehensive carbon balance for its operations.

The analysis include emissions from raw materials, to manufacturing of their products and ultimately disposal of their products. Life cycle analysis of key 90 products were also assessed and verified by third party consultants.

The result? BASF said their products’ carbon dioxide savings more than cancel out their operations’ emissions.

“In areas such as construction, automobiles and industrial production, our products help our customers to save more than 250 million metric tons of CO2 worldwide. This is three times as much as is emitted through the production and disposal of all our product.”

BASF said it will still aim to reduce their own emissions by 25% by 2020. The company created a new position to handle the job – the Climate Protection Officer or CPO.

Look out for more CPO-type green jobs popping out from major industrial companies worldwide…

[Photo depicting BASF's research on CO2 removal from combustion gases]

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