Be my green valentine

Thinking of what to give your environmentally-conscious, die-hard go-green sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Surprise him or her with these “green” products guaranteed to offset her carbon-filled heart.

1. Cosmetics and skin care
You won’t have a hard time with these ones as there are so many natural-based/organic cosmetic products being hawked out there. Are they really natural or organic? Nobody really knows! And that’s the beauty of them.

2. Chocolates and flowers
Again, just make sure the word organic is slapped in the chocolate box or printed in the flower wrappings, and you’re all set. By the way, try to take a taste of the organic chocolate first before giving it to your sweetie.

3. Lingeries and other wearable unmentionables
If you haven’t check out eco-underwears, then these might tickle his or her green spots. Choose between bamboo-based, organic cotton, soy fibers or recycled fabrics.

4. Eco-showers
Unable to give an expensive organic spa treatments? Why not settle for a refreshing eco-shower instead with this new eco-showerheads from ShowerStart Technology. The water- and energy-saving showerhead has a temperature sensor and can save as much as $75/year on your utility bills while conserving 2,700 gallons of hot water per year for a family of three, according to the company.

5. Carbon offset certificates
For the practical ones, give a carbon offset certificate such as this one from ProjectGreenGift. In denominations of $25, $35..up to $100, a tree [or more] will be planted for your sweetheart to offset his or her carbon dioxide emissions for a year. If you want to make sure you’re not being scammed, maybe you and your green valentine can even plant the tree yourselves – now that’s romantic!

To make your gifts more green, wrap them up in this biodegradable bubble wrap by EcoBox, and write your love notes with Pilot’s new BeGreen writing pens [and pencils] in a greeting card made from recycled paper.

If everything goes well, you’ll soon find this eco-maternity clothes will come in handy 9 months from now…

For more gift-giving ideas, check out my Green Christmas list post.

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2 Responses to Be my green valentine

  1. Alex 8 February, 2008 at 4:55 pm #

    It is not very useful to offset carbon through reforestation. No one knows what will happen to the trees in 10 years. A carbon gift is a good idea but maybe better to look for a company which invest in solar energy. For example They also give the choice to invest in your own country or to invest in foreign countries.

  2. Biofuelsimon 11 February, 2008 at 1:55 pm #

    Make sure you’re in a long term relationship before you give anyone an oak, maybe a couple of acres of grass land would be a good way to start at the beginning of a relationship, building up steadily through hardy perennials, shrubs and bushes before giving something that will easily out live you both, if not your undying love…

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