Finding Nema in California

No this is not Nemo’s sister but could be Nemo himself…except a little bit altered.

Toxicology researchers from Southern California released a study stating hormone-altering chemicals are escaping sewage-treatment plants and finding their way in coastal ocean waters, according to this LA Times article.

In the study, higher levels of flame retardants and plastic additives are said to be showing up in fish tissues while male flatfish are also showing higher levels of the female hormone estrogen.

The researchers are blaming inefficiency of sewage treatment plants to fully filter chemical compounds from pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, fragrances, sunscreen, soaps, and other additives that are constantly going down the drain.

“Women taking birth control pills excrete estrogen in their urine, which is flushed down the toilet and ends up in the ocean.”

Despite the developing sex change in certain fish species, the chemicals found are not threatening their survival or ability to reproduce, according to the researchers.

Who knows, maybe soon male seahorses could finally get their revenge and have the female seahorses carry their babies for a change.

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