New green chemicals offerings

The chemical industry is no fool when it comes to the green trend. Companies might whine about regulations and environmental groups’ biases against chemicals but the bottom line remains – they will offer what their customers want.

Here’s a roundup of some of the new green products I came across within the past few weeks:

1. Croda Crotein cashmere - the personal care industry is leaning more towards natural-based ingredients and chemical firms are responding. Croda said its new amino acid complex made from hydrolysis of the keratin fibers in cashmere wool provides good moisturization for skin, hair and nails.

2. Cognis green polyols and biohydraulic oils – the Sovermol 1092 natural-based polyol is designed for critical curing conditions such as in flooring, roofing, encapsulation, or composite coatings and adhesives, said Cognis. The company’s new synthetic lubricant oil, meanwhile, now proudly bears the European Union Ecolabel. How green these products are? Just count Cognis’ green leaves…

3. Air Products Tomadol surfactant – the cleaning industry is also gearing towards more natural-based products. Air Products said its coconut/palm oil-based surfactant is designed to replace nonylphenol ethoxylates, a major cleaning chemical that has been under environmental groups’ scrutiny for a long time.

4. Applied Chemical Laboratories green paint stripper – the company’s Green Piranha paint remover is said to be 100% water soluble, do not contain the solvent methylene chloride, and is formulated from 50% post consumer recycled content.

5. PPG Industries auto pretreatment – the automotive pretreatment technology, Zircobond, which replaces zinc-phosphate products, is said to cut sludge byproducts in pretreatment process by 80% and therefore saves tons of money on energy, maintenance and labor costs.

6. Dow Chemical Styrofoam foaming agent – Dow said its new foaming agent for Styrofoam insulation products replaces the ozone-depleting HCFC 142b compound, which is slated to be phased out in North America in 2010.

7. DSM halogen-free flame retardant – DSM said its Arnitel XG flame retardant for cable insulation in consumer electronics can replace commonly used PVC, which DSM said, can form the dioxins when incinerated.

More to come in March!

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