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Greenpeace’s dream city

Greenpeace UK recently released its virtual dream green city dubbed EfficienCity, which uses interactive animation to demonstrate how clean energy can be utilized to cut greenhouse gas emissions and lower electricity bills. Talk about reaching mass audience especially the younger crowd! Greenpeace should be commended on using this very effective tool to educate consumers about […]

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Worldwide green issues

ICIS Chemical Business, the magazine I work for (About ICB), released on Monday its second annual Green issue covering topics ranging from consumer green trends, China’s environmental crisis, to the backlash of biofuels. These feature stories are free to access and don’t be shy if you have some burning comments you want to put out […]

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Burt’s Bees stings un-Natural labels

I was to blog about Sunday’s greening Grammy Awards but Burt’s Bees incoming new ads caught my attention. Burt’s Bees will launch its natural cosmetics campaign starting next month, which warns consumers to read labels before buying any branded products that claimed to be natural. The company’s lip balm ad compared the benefits of beeswax […]

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PFOA be gone

Producers of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) also known as C8, are peeling themselves away from the chemical thanks to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s PFOA Stewardship program. PFOA is used as a processing aid in the manufacture of fluoropolymers – chemicals that provide non-stick surfaces on cookware and water-proof clothing. Low levels of PFOA has reportedly […]

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Recession-proof buildings?

The US housing sector might be weak but green buildings are still expected to proliferate in the US this year and it is not because of re-painting. According to the American Institute of Architects, the number of cities with green building programs has risen by 418% since 2003. The western regions leads the way accounting […]

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Why cleaners go for green?

It seems more consumers are willing to spend an extra buck or two to sweep away their environmental guilt. In the cleaning market, sales for more environment-friendly and sustainable green products surge last year, according to research firms Packaged Facts and Information Resources Inc. (IRI) Packaged Facts said the US household cleaning products market bounced […]

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Plastics and babies

Plasticizers have been under spotlight this week targeting phthalates in baby care products and bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles. According to a report published in the journal Pediatrics, the use of baby lotions, shampoos and powders resulted in higher levels of phthalates in infants. Around 163 infant urine samples were analyzed in the study. […]

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Green city breaks ground

Construction will soon start for Abu Dhabi’s $15bn green city of the future. The Masdar city is planned to be the world’s first zero-carbon, zero waste, car-free community of 50,000 people, mostly with scientific pedigrees. Abu Dhabi is asking its oil customers to keep the investment money flowing. At least some of them are being […]

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Solar cells in style

Solar cells maybe new but that doesn’t mean they should look ugly. The Fraunhofer Institute in Munich, Germany, was able to develop semi-transparent solar modules that can incorporate organic dyes making them more stylish and decorative in appearance. The institute said any desired image can be integrated on the module using screen printing techniques. “A […]

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Kiss me, I’m an Irish bag

Environmental groups are hoping Ireland’s success on plastic bag bans, which started five years ago, could be a catalyst for other countries to follow. According to this article from the New York Times, (kudos to my colleague Fred Seelig for sharing it!), plastic bag use in Ireland dropped 94% within weeks when the 33 cent-per-bag […]

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