ADM on eco-hot seat

Archer Daniels Midland’s CEO Patricia Woertz was ambushed by several members of the Rainforest Action Network at the Wall Street Journal’s ECO: nomics conference in California last week, demanding she sign a petition for ADM to stop using palm oil from endangered forests in Southeast Asia, according to the WSJ’s blog Environmental Capital.

The WSJ moderator stopped the drama, as he called it, halfway through their tirade and the unflappable Woertz responded to the accusation.

Interesting how the world turns when a supposedly green-based corporation is now being attacked. A video of the episode courtesy of WSJ can be seen here:

Also at the conference, it seems that Wal-Mart is showing its true colors as Lee Scott Jr., the retail giant’s CEO, bluntly stated that the company is “not green” and that most of their waste-reduction and energy efforts are to save money.

This is actually not surprising as many corporations, in my opinion, look at the bottom line first and foremost and not, as Wal-Mart said, “catering to environmentalists”.

Other businesses under Eco-fire during the event were summed up in this article by the website Environmental Leader.

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