Chinese new green year

Several news I came across regarding green investments in China. This red country has been getting a lot of black publicity lately about pollution and quality control so it’s good to get some green news for a change.

This week, DSM says it is investing $20m in Tianjin Green Bio-Science (TGBS) Co. Ltd for the building of China’s largest polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) plant with a capacity of 10,000 tons/year. The biorenewable polymer is producer through fermentation by microorganisms.

DSM and TGBS said they will create a new business in China for biobased performance materials.

Just wondering…Is China ready to pay premium for more environment-friendly materials?

Other announcements:

US-based venture company China Direct, which owns and manages Chinese business portfolios, created a tire recycling joint venture called Yantai CDI Wanda Renewable Resources Co. Ltd. The venture will built facilities that can recycle 6,000 tons/year of waste tires.

It makes sense as the country’s automotive industry is growing very fast.

Another company, Sancon Resources Recovery based in Australia, opened its sixth waste recovery plant in China. Sancon said China is already initiating a 5-year development plan to become more green and adopting tighter environmental protection laws.

Which is probably why some Chinese factories who wants to evade the pollution police are moving inland, according to this Reuters news.

The article noted that China is also feeling the pinch of surging manufacturing costs and with the added pollution enforcement, thousands of factories were forced to close, and others to pack up in less green-scrutinized areas.

They can run, and they can hide but probably not for long as the public and media scrutiny local and worldwide seems to be uncovering more environmental and production problems coming from China.

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