Green cleaning springs

The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) sent me these links regarding increase introduction of green cleaners in the marketplace.

According to this Associated Press article, consumers would welcome the introduction of Clorox’s new line of green cleaners not only because they’re made from natural ingredients but they’re also cheaper compared to other green cleaners.

SDA’s Brian Sansoni confirmed that the cleaning products industry is going towards the green direction. However, he noted in this DowJones article, that some marketers and activists are going overboard and fueling unnecessary fears about the use of traditional cleaners.

“Most consumers aren’t walking around with a chemistry textbook in their pocket. The most important thing on the label is the safety and usage information.”

Both articles mentioned the 20%+ growth of green cleaning products sales in the US in 2007 as reported by market research firms SPINS.

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