Lanxess’ Singapore promise

Lanxess said in its press announcement last week that the company will be a good neighbor in Singapore by installing the latest environmental safety technology in its new butyl rubber plant in Jurong Island.

The company expects to spend up to $70 million, about 10-15% of its total investment in the project, to incorporate several environmental measures in the engineering of the plant such as waste heat recovery systems to save energy; and internal recycling streams to reduce waste water by 50% compared to Lanxess’ existing plants.

“While our existing facilities in Sarnia, Canada, and Zwijndrecht, Belgium, are already setting the highest standards today, this plant will open a new chapter in environmental standards within butyl rubber production,” says Lanxess’ chairman Axel Claus Heitmann.

For those who are not familiar with butyl rubber (me included), the chemical is said to be an essential raw material for inner liners in car tires. Processing butyl rubber especially halogenated butyl rubber is said to be highly technical and only two companies specialize in their production, namely Lanxess and ExxonMobil. More information about the product can be accessed at Lanxess’ website.

Lanxess said its Sarnia butyl rubber facility was the first externally validated Responsible Care site in the world – and was put on the back of the Canadian ten dollar bill because of that.

Maybe the Singapore government will do the same when Lanxess can prove the superiority of their environment safety technology in their new butyl rubber plant.

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