Where did the elephants go?

Environmental group WWF is blaming the pulp & paper and palm oil industries for the disappearance of elephants and tigers in Central Sumatra’s Riau Province in Indonesia.

The group released a study stating Riau has the fastest deforestation rates in Indonesia over the last 25 years mostly attributing to the operations of two global paper manufacturers Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Ltd. (APRIL).

The province lost 65% of its forest over the 25-year period and at the same time elephant population declined 84% and the tiger population by 70%, according to WWF.

“Led by global paper giants APP and APRIL, the pulp & paper and palm oil industries are driving Riau’s Sumatran tigers and elephants to local extinction in just a few years by destroying their habitat.”

Deforestation, peat decomposition and peat fires in Riau is said to have emitted annual carbon dioxide emissions of 0.22 gigatons between 1990 and 2007, contributing to Indonesia’s ranking as the world’s biggest emitter.

Makes me think twice of using paper bags and cardboard boxes as oppose to using plastic…

[Photo courtesy of WWF]

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