Do you want to ride in this plane?

Boeing said it has successfully flown a hydrogen fuel cell-powered airplane last week, the first in aviation history.

Fuel cells have the potential to power small manned and unmanned vehicles and on the long run, could be used as a secondary power-generating systems for large commercial airplanes, said Boeing.

However, Boeing does not envision large commercial airplanes flying solely from fuel cells. I wonder why…Maybe it’s because of their bulky size or maybe fuel cells don’t generate enough power to handle bigger planes…

Personally, it would be years maybe even a decade or two before somebody can convince me to fly in one of those things. Fuel cell powered-cars, yes, but use those cells up in the air and an exploding metal blimpie comes to my mind. But that’s just me.

Speaking of cars, General Motors (GM) is urging the energy industry and various governments to help promote and expand the fuel cell powered-auto market by building more hydrogen stations.

“While automakers continue to commit resources to the development of fuel cell-electric vehicles, there appears to be comparatively little parallel investment and resource allocation for development and deployment of commercially-ready retail hydrogen infrastructure.”

In his presentation at the annual US Hydrogen conference in Sacramento, Calif., GM’s R&D vice president Larry Burns noted recent studies suggesting the viability of economical hydrogen infrastructures for the auto industry.

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