DuPont’s green survey says…

DuPont has been running around and drilling the minds of consumers (and auto makers) for some green tips.

According to a recent company-sponsored survey conducted by Market Tools, 65% of US consumers are willing to pay premium for renewably-sourced products.

Other findings include women tending to be more environmentally responsible than men (True or False?); income and age don’t matter when it comes to being green; and consumers really find that it’s not easy being green if it means calculating carbon footprints, and directly participating in alternative energy use.

In another survey conducted by DuPont and the Society of Automotive Engineers, 53% of respondents in the auto industry rank environment issues as a number one industry priority compared to 32% who cited costs.

In terms of materials selection, however, DuPont said 91% of the respondents rank cost reduction as a top criteria. Advanced composites are expected to grow the most in the next 10 years followed by bio-based renewable materials.

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