Germany in green spotlight

Green activities seem to be expanding and flourishing in Germany.

One particular session from the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioprocessing conference being held in Chicago this week focused on recent industrial biotech developments in Germany as well as companies setting up shops in the region focusing on emerging renewable chemical platforms and value-chains of chemicals made from renewable-based feedstock.

A strong driver in Germany’s burgeoning biotech industry is the role of research institutes, according to Steffen Rupp, head of molecular biotechnology at Fraunhofer IGB at the Fraunhofer Campus Stuttgart. The chemicals and biotech industries are also attracted to Germany’s well-established chemical infrastructure, according to Marcus Wolperdinger, head of industrial biotech activities at InfraLeuna, the owner and infrastructure provider of one of Germany’s largest chemical sites. Both presented at the conference.

In the green energy sector, Germany is said to be the largest photovoltaic market worldwide with investment volumes expected to increase by 67% by 2010, according to Germany’s investment promotion agency INVEST IN GERMANY.

The major driver for PV market growth in Germany is the country’s Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG in German) that establishes a “feed-in” tariff on power generated from renewable sources.

By 2010, Germany is expected to have over 6.5 Gigawatts (GW) of installed PV capacity.

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